TS Collection Patio Doors

Over the years Patio doors have been a very popular door choice for homeowners, and the benefits are well known. More ambient light and the unique space saving, ‘sliding action’ being the most notable. Both of which, lend themselves well to porch and garden applications. But patio doors also serve well as room dividers - particularly when installed with the low threshold option, which sits flush with the level of the floor covering.

Each TS Collection patio pane utilises ‘low-line’ gaskets which are extruded to the sash frame - giving a larger visible glass area, which gives you an even better view of your garden.

TS Collection Patio Doors

R & D Goatley offer one of the best UPVc sliding patio doors available on the market to date. Thanks to superior manufacturing and installation techniques, our patio doors always glide open effortlessly. The base track and rollers are made of stainless steel which means they will not corrode and will continue to operate perfectly for many years.

Our patio doors are fitted with the latest weatherseals and draught excluders. They are also compatible with our full range of A Rated equivalent glass.

Patio Door Applications

Our patio doors can be installed as a divider to your garden, patio or decking area, maximising space and opening up any area. We now offer a room divider patio, with a flush threshold, perfect for the opening into your conservatory.

Our patio doors will stay looking good and operating effortlessly for many years with almost no maintenance.

Patio Door Security

All our patio doors are fitted with multi-point locks and anti-lift systems. Shoot bolt locking options are available on most doors to allow the door to lock at a slightly open position to provide ventilation.

The standard specification multi-point lock has six bi-directional hooks with a dead bolt.

Bespoke Colours and Finishes

As well as standard white our patio doors are available in a variety of woodgrained foiled colours, please see below for the standard range of foiled finishes.


White Woodgrain


Beck Brown (Black)

Golden Oak


Anthracite Grey


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