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EDC Timber Alternative Entrance Doors

R & D Goatley are proud to offer "Novoferm" sectional and up and over garage doors. The doors are designed and manufactured to perfection in Germany, bringing the German precession engineering and quality to the uk. Each door is bespoke, tailored to your needs in a wide range of styles, colours and a number of optional extras to suit your lifestyle.

Novoferm Sectional Garage Doors

Comprised of individual sections connected together by hinges. The door opens vertically into the garage and with no ‘kick out’ as it moves, providing you with up to three feet of increased drive length against Up & Over Garage Doors.

Novoferm Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are also very attractive in design – high quality materials, incorporating the latest innovations in manufacturing technology together with a wide choice of options give your garage an individual look. Add the built-in insulation, which provides both a thermal and acoustic barrier, helping to control your energy bills, reduce noise and possibly your carbon footprint.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Novoferm Steel Up & Over Garage Doors are the classic choice for your home. Corrosion resistant garage doors, manufactured from premium grade galvanised steel and finished in white powder coat or powder coat in one of our standard colours.

More Novoferm Features

Retractable Gear

The retractable gear allows the door to be retracted fully, inside the garage when open, by means of horizontal overhead tracks supported by wall or ceiling mounted suspension brackets. Available in 54mm and 70mm frames.

Canopy Gear

The canopy gear allows the door to travel in vertical tracks and is counterbalanced by an overhead torsion spring. In the open position, the door projects from the opening approximately one third of the door height, forming a canopy. Available in 54mm and 70mm frames.



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