Introducing Bygone Sash Windows Bolney

Vertical Sliding Windows Bolney

Bygone are a collection of elite timber alternative sash windows that have been designed to retain the look and feel of a traditional box sash window.  If you believe that the original sliding sash windows are the most beautiful window style of all time, you're sure to appreciate these elegant yet pioneering sash window designs.

Time has been spent to reproduce the traditional authentic sash features, as faithfully as possible in modern materials and to the highest quality. This means that these replacement sash windows don't just look great; they're also energy efficient, extremely secure and built to last.

The Symphony, Harmony and Melody PVC-u sash windows will exceed your expectations of timber alternative windows. The Bygone Collection is one of the UK's leading sash window brand names and have been manufactured for over 30 years.

If you wish for real sash windows with a grained wooden surface that's easy to keep clean and never requires painting, then our Symphony, Harmony or Melody sash will be perfect.

The Bygone Range

Bygone Symphony Windows

When it absolutely must look like timber because the planning officer is insisting or simply when only the very best will do, there is only one choice the Symphony range.

Bygone Harmony Windows

The most versatile window in the range, Harmony has numerous optional extras available for individual customisation or to simply tailor your windows to a budget.

Bygone Melody Windows

Bygone have simply removed some of the many timber effect features to make Melody the most affordable of the Bygone products but have still applied the same care and dedication.



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