Sunflex SVG Sliding Doors West Chiltington from R & D Goatley

R & D Goatley offers from Sunflex, the SVG99 sliding door, we do have a door installed in our showroom and highly recommend a visit to see the quality of the door for yourself.

The SVG99 system is designed with elegance and a contemporary feel in mind, despite its robust construction and heavy duty feel. With such a well engineered and proven system you can be rest assured that the SVG99 can deal with the most demanding applications. A sliding system which will give you complete confidence of the highest level of security, severe weather rating and effortless, smooth operation. It is hard to believe that the SVG99sliding system is designed to be virtually maintenance free.

Our Premium Sliding Doors

Aluminium patio sliding doors from Sunflex offer two distinct frame styles, the SVG Plus and SVG Plus Slim. Both offer superior all-round performance, with the latter having just a 30mm nightline at the meeting rail. Sunflex aluminium sliding patio doors, or just sliding doors as they are sometimes known, can accommodate openings up to an impressive 20 metres in width, on twin or triple tracks. Tracks are recessed well below the floor surface avoiding any possibility of accidents due to obstruction, and without compromising weather seals when closed.

SVG Sliding Door Security

As you would expect from a high performance system, high security comes as standard. An anti lifting device preventing the removal of individual panels is just one of the extra steps taken to improve security. With a full, thermally broken aluminium reinforced interlock between panels it is impossible to lever them apart. The SVG99 incorporates a 5 point multi locking mechanism and 5 lever euro profile cylinder as standard. In addition the system is internal glazed for further security. Overall providing a system that exceeds the requirements of the association of British insurers.

Its all in the installation

It doesn't matter how good your doors are, if they aren't installed properly then they will not be fit for purpose.

R & D Goatley have been installing Sunflex bifolding doors for over 15 years. Our experienced craftsmen will install your new bifolding door with precision and ensure a smooth operating gateway to your garden.

For extensions and new builds we can supply you with timber profiles to be built in, ensuring no complications when we come to install.

Sunflex SVG finishing touches

Sunflex aluminium patio sliding doors have thermally efficient glass fitted as standard, and weather-tight seals are fitted throughout. 

Sunflex aluminium patio sliding doors can be finished in virtually any colour of your choice. For a truly unique finish to your door, you can choose from over 200 colour finishes, colour bonded from colours from the RAL chart. The colour bonded process is guaranteed for 10 years but will last a lifetime.

Marine Grade Finish

For powder coated aluminium we recommend a marine treatment if you are within 5,000 metres of the coast or around a swimming pool/chemical environment. We pre-anodise the aluminium frames making them porous and then quickly after this the frames are powder coated which is absorbed in to the frame. This ensures excellent adhesion of the paint to the aluminium and along with a cleaning regime is the best possible protection for powder coated aluminium doors in this environment. Not many companies offer pre-anodising as a marine finish. Alternatively we can provide the frames in a silver anodised finish as standard which does not have a painted surface and does not need the marine treatment.


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